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First channel 100% dedicated to E-Sports and Gaming in Latin America.

Original productions, own tournaments and coverage of the main competitions in the region.

Coverage and transmission of the main international championships of the most popular video games. FIFA, League of Legends, DOTA 2, PUBG, Counter-Strike, among others.

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E-Sports and Gaming

  • NexoPlayers - Gamers enjoy a good story, competitive matches or just hanging out.

  • Nexo Radio - Radio takes over TV with the players of the Latino video game industry and E-sports.

  • Strikers - Best amateur E-sports calls, organized together with video game communities.

  • Brilliant Bronze - Journey into the depths of LoL's story, character relationships, and data.

  • Recaps - Summaries of the great E-sports competitions and events that have marked history. gamer.


285 Dodd Ln, Alpharetta

GA 30005



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