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Our purpose is to create value in the Media Industry

2benamed was founded in 2019 to deliver innovative, value-creating solutions for the media industry. We provide a wide range of services, grouped in 3 clusters:

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Channels, Apps and Content Distribution

We have built a Strong Distribution Network by partnering with experienced media executives in the region that allow us to reach every market with a very effective and efficient approach


Strategic Partnerships

We support our partners Transformation and Expansion efforts with a consumer centric approach to achieve long term value, manage end-to-end or modular solutions and services, to monetize the streaming business


Channel development & operation

We develop and operate TV channels to support Operators, strengthen their value proposition to the new consumers behavior and to provide alternatives and autonomy from the big Media Corporations 

About Us

We created 2BeNamed in 2019, after more than 20 years of experience in different multinational Media companies.
From the beginning we have been working to innovate, create and increase value in every phase of the value chain in the video subscription and adsales businesses.
Why the name?. Since we were busy supporting our partners, we didn't have time to come up with a cool name, we just said "to be named ... later". Luckily, we are still busy and that's why we call ourselves 2BeNamed 


thanks for joining us
Edgar, Marco and Daniel

Meet The Team

We created 2BeNamed to continue working with people we care about professionally and personally..... 

Every member of our team is a recognized executive with proven multinational and multicultural experience in the Media Industry


285 Dodd Ln, Alpharetta

GA 30005



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